New to triathlon?  Don't know what to wear during a race?  Don't know if you need a special bike?  Don't know what race to sign up for?  We can help! 

You need a mentor!  With our mentoring program (included in your membership at no additional charge) you get individual attention from an experienced member that can help you through the maze of questions all newcomers have.

We assign one of our members to you and they are your personal resource.  They can help you train and get you through your first race.  It's just that easy! Contact the  Club President for more information.


common terminology


To run out of energy, you need some food!

Brick workout

Two or more events combined; commonly a bike workout followed by a short run to help the adaptation between the muscle groups.


Did not finish




Following closely behind another biker. This is illegal in races and can get you DQ'd. Learn the rules!

Negative split

Running the second half faster than the first half

On your left

What you should say as you attempt to pass another biker

T1, T2

T1= swim-to-bike transition
T2= bike-to-run transition